Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Video: Which Image Is Most Memorable?

At this point, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that Lady Gaga has produced yet another visually arresting, jaw-droppingly vivid music video. The clip for “Born This Way” (the first single from the album of the same name) premiered on Monday morning (February 28th), and it’s just as incredible as her previous work.

The clip opens with an extended narrative introduction (voiced by Gaga herself) that explains the story of a cosmic birth, a new race and the creation of good and evil. It’s perhaps the most vital part of the video, as there are psychedelic colors, the suggestion of space fetuses, lots of severed heads and at least one machine gun.

Once the song starts, things become slightly more conventional (though because it’s Gaga, that’s a very relative term). Clad in little more than a black bikini, Gaga shuffles and gyrates through the song, moving and writhing among her back-up dancers until they eventually consume her in a sea of bodies. There is also a scene of her dressed in elaborate zombie makeup (think Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” but infinitely more complicated — and scary) as well as some images of a unicorn (just for good measure). It’s a trippy, colorful, typically Gaga experience, and it will easily stand next to her excellent collection of music videos.

But which of those images will be the one you remember best? Is it the extended introduction, featuring the elaborate “space birth”? Maybe it’s the scene of “Evil Gaga” shooting off a machine gun? Is it the “Zombie Gaga” sequence? The severed heads? Or maybe you just really like the unicorn? Whatever you think, vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts about “Born This Way” in the comments!

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