Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator Finds Rap ‘Too Conventional’: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

“If you go to any other rapper’s show, they just stand there and rap. Rap is really just too conventional. Everybody does the same thing. No one ever pushes the box. And then when you get people pushing the line too far, people are like, ’What the f— is this?’ And then it’s like … ’This is tight, it’s new.’ We’re doing something that no one has ever done before.”

-Rapper, producer, graphic designer and de facto Odd Future mouthpiece Tyler, the Creator, noting that his crew is actively trying to drag the rap world to places it has never gone (or is afraid to go). MTV News hung out with the squad (whose full name is Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or OFWGKTA) during a four hour bus ride from New York to Philadelphia and hung out with the group in the City of Brotherly Love following a triumphant performance of the song “Sandwitches” on an episode of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”


Odd Future, who spit lyrically intense raps over dark, low-fi soundscapes, may be operating on the edges of the music world at the moment (their albums have all been distributed for free via the group’s Tumblr account, though Tyler’s new album Goblin will be coming out on XL Recordings), their dreams are entirely mainstream. “I want Grammys. I want to perform at the Super Bowl,” Tyler explained to MTV News’ Christopher “CJ” Smith, also noting that he would consider it a big deal if Justin Bieber acknowledged OFWGKTA. “I want to be a … icon. Kanye West went like this. I want to be on his level. I want 100 years from now to look at the history books and they see … us on some icon type sh–.”

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