Thom Yorke's Best Dance Mash-Ups

Radiohead surprised the music world twice last week, first announcing that they would have a new album out in five days and then releasing said album a day early. The final product, a moody eight song mini-masterpiece called The King of Limbs, came accompanied by a minimalist music video that featured little more than frontman Thom Yorke dancing maniacally to the tune of the new album's "Lotus Flower" (a track that came up often during Yorke's solo tour last summer).

While hardcore fans and critics were excited for the release of the album, it seemed like all of the Internet immediately embraced Yorke and his unusual dance moves. Yorke's dancing became an instant meme, inspiring enough mash-ups, homages and animated gifs to fill up the Radiohead message boards dozens of times over. But which ones are the best? Glad you asked.

"Thom Yorke Dancing Alone to Pony"

Perhaps the greatest clip in the history of the Internet, "Thom Yorke Dancing Alone to Pony" combines the current Thom Yorke dancing trend with the concept of people dancing along to Ginuwine's "Pony."

"Thom Yorke Dancing to Single Ladies"

Because when you take anything and add Beyoncé's still stunning "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)," you always end up with gold.

"Welcome to Thom's Jungle"

This particular piece of video zeroes in on the fact that Yorke shakes his hips a bit like Axl Rose does, and we're all the better for it. In fact, where is the covers exchange program between Axl and Radiohead? A glam rock version of "Idioteque" and a moody, keyboard-driven take on "Rocket Queen" both sound kind of awesome.

"Thom Auditions for 'Black Swan'"

Just in time for Oscar season, this mash-up puts Yorke under the gaze of Vincent Cassel's character from the award-winning Darren Aronofsky flick "Black Swan." Yorke even seems heartbroken that he hasn't been selected as the Swan Queen.

"Thom Yorke Loves Phish"

If you thought Yorke's moves looked a little familiar, then you have probably been to a jam band festival or seven. With the right musical accompaniment, Yorke's gesticulations easily become a noodle dance.

What's your favorite Thom Yorke dancing mash-up? Let us know in the comments!