Kid Rock Has A Rough Night Out: Wake-Up Video

Living the rock and roll lifestyle can be sort of complicated. After all, that level of excess can sometimes be overwhelming. But it’s necessary for the sake of entertainment, and the best ones — like Axl Rose or Vince Neil — aren’t afraid to occasionally brush up against the law every once in a while. Kid Rock is one of the few superstars who is totally willing to push the envelope, and on this day in 2005, he was arrested after a spectacular night of debauchery and rock and roll excess.

The evening began at a strip club in Nashville, Tennessee called Christie’s Cabaret. Rock was there partying when at some point he assaulted a guy named Jay Campos, the club’s DJ (supposedly, Rock was upset with Campos’ choice of music). By the time police had arrived at Christie’s, Rock had already taken off to make his way to a second strip club. On the way, he was even pulled over by a police officer who did not detain Rock (though did get his autograph).

After taking time to sober up at the second club, Rock returned to an apartment he had been renting in town, where he turned himself in. Rock pleaded no contest, and his bail was set at $3,000. It wasn’t the last time Rock found himself in trouble because of a scuffle, as he got into a dust-up with Tommy Lee at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards and also got into a brawl at a Waffle House in Atlanta that same year.

Rock was going through a musical transition at the time, moving from his early rap-rock leanings to a more classic rock-influenced, country-kissed sound of his last few albums (including 2010’s Born Free). But he hasn’t lost the edge that let him cut hits like “American Bad Ass,” a track from 2000’s The History of Rock that borrows the riff from Metallica’s “Sad But True.”


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