Trey Songz’ ‘Love Faces’ Video: The Key Scene

Trey Songz maintains a grand tradition in R&B, and his latest video “Love Faces” — which premiered on Monday (February 14) and represents the third single from Songz’ excellent 2010 album Passion, Pain & Pleasure — is the latest entry in said legacy. His brand of music is the sort of stuff that R. Kelly, Ginuwine and D’Angelo made huge at the turn of the century, full of sexed-up imagery, limited vocal histrionics and solid grooves that underscore the fantastic filth of the lyrics.

As a song, “Love Faces” has a pretty straightforward narrative — one that Songz explains in the spoken word intro to the tune. “When I met you woman, I couldn’t help but notice a face so beautiful,” he says. “I imagined the faces you would make if we ever made love.” Following some sweet nothings, Songz actually gets to find out what those faces might be.

Meanwhile, the video actually has a nice little story line that sees Songz and his girlfriend pretending they don’t know each other at her first gallery show (she is a painter, and there are several pieces that come to life over the course of the clip). The video is show mostly in black and white, and the few splashes of color include Songz’ isolated performance shot (which is tinted a deep red) and the centerpiece painting of the art show. In the key scene, we learn the significance of that piece, as it contains Songz’ hand print — one that occurred while Songz and the woman were indeed making love faces. The final shot tells it all.

The clip, co-directed by Songz and Justin Francis, is the singer’s most narrative-heavy video — which, according to him, was by design.


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