The ‘Jersey Shore’ Board Game: How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Reality Show?

While most of the MTV News squad was distracted by the events of the 53rd Grammy Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend, there was a small contingent (including MTV Splash Page editor Rick Marshall) who spent their Sunday (February 13) at Toy Fair 2011, the annual trade show designed to show off the best new action figures board games on the horizon. While the crew was mostly on the hunt for movie-related toys (including new products related to the upcoming “Green Lantern” movie and the forthcoming “Thundercats” project), they happened upon one item that was right in the MTV Newsroom blog wheelhouse: The official “Jersey Shore” board game, designed and distributed by Cardinal Games.


The trivia game contains over 500 questions about the show’s first season as well as the sojourn to Miami. The questions range from very straightforward (“Which cast member has left the show both seasons?”) to the incredibly specific (“What did the boys do with the shoes Angelina left behind?”). There’s a little bit of chance involved (based on the roll of the dice) and there are steep penalties for getting questions wrong.

If you think you are a “Jersey Shore” expert, you’ll be able to beat down your friends with the “Jersey Shore” trivia game when it hits store shelves in March. Until then, you should really bone up on all the events you might have missed, and prepare yourself for future editions of the “Jersey Shore” board game by tuning in every Thursday night at 10 p.m. Eastern for brand new escapades featuring Snooki, the Situation, JWoww and the rest of your favorite Seaside Heights residents.