Motörhead’s The Wörld Is Yours: The Reviews Are In!

There are a handful of things you can truly count on in life. Death is one, taxes is another, and Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister’s devotion to his own brand of heavy, adrenaline-soaked, hard-driving rock and roll (don’t you dare call it “metal”). Today (February 8th) marks the release of Motörhead’s 21st album The Wörld Is Yours, another slab of unbridled energy and Kilmister’s signature growl. But does the new album merely tread over old ground or does it truly satisfy fans’ insatiable lust for rock?

Interestingly, the British seem to be way more on board with Kilmister’s new work than anybody else. NME compared the album to the group’s awesome 1986 masterpiece Orgasmatron and said “the band sound more engaged than they have in some time.” And The Telegraph agreed, noting that The Wörld Is Yours is “not about subtlety but if you can stand Lemmy’s larynx-wrecking growl, their latest album proves they’re still capable of delivering an invigorating blast, a tonic against irony and Arcade Fire?style grown-up rock.”

Kerrang! thought the album was strong but unremarkable. “This is a collection of good and sometimes very good songs from a band hacking their way towards their 40th birthday,” they wrote. Eduardo Rivadavia of All Music gave the album three-and-a-half stars and said the album “may eventually be remembered as Motörhead’s ultimate ’rock & roll’ album, thanks to a clutch of consistently bluesy, ’50s rock-rooted, tunes.” (Interestingly, Rivadavia also brought up the comparison to Orgasmatron.)

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times echoed most everybody else, in the sense that The Wörld Is Yours is pretty good though lacking in any real ingenuity. Still, critic Mikael Wood appreciated Kilmister’s vigor. “Few rock bands seem this energized at this point in their careers,” he wrote. “’We might not see tomorrow,’ Kilmister growls in ’Waiting for the Snake.’ The smart money says he will.”

What do you think of the new Motörhead album? Let us know in the comments!

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