‘Mob Wives’ Season Two Stars Predict the Winners Of Celebrity Mob Fights

By Damian Vaca

Renee Graziano and Drita D’avenzo infiltrated our homes in 2011 when they let the world into their day-to-day lives in VH1’s “Mob Wives,” giving viewers a honest vision of what the “mob lifestyle” entails. We’ve seen “Scarface,” “Casino” and “The Sopranos,” but one thing that rings different with this show is the strong female personalities that are intertwined in one another’s lives. Asked about the success of season one, Drita tells MTV News, “I knew it would do well only because it has never been done before. You never see the woman’s point of view.”

“Mob Wives” is particularly good at getting that POV from the fabulous foursome. Karen Gravano and Carla Facciolo also return this season, as we see in VH1’s promo, and there are some issues that need to be settled. From dinner parties to rooftop meetings gone wrong, you never know what will happen with these ladies. “We are putting what is real on camera,” Renee says. “We can’t be anybody but ourselves. If you can script something like this then sign me up!”

Season two will continue to bring the battles between Renee and Carla and, of course, Drita and Karen. Since these ladies have known each other for years, you can also expect some new residents to join the Staten Island group. “I’m not the drama queen anymore!” proclaims Renee. “There are a lot of interesting things that go on. There are twists and turns and it’s kind of like we are playing a game of Twister,” Drita adds.

So with the battlefield getting prepped and raw meat being thawed to slap on their eyes – “Mob Wives” returns to VH1 on Sunday, Jan. 1 at 8 PM ET – Renee and Drita gave us their thoughts on who would win in celebrity vs. celebrity mob fights. Check it out below:


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