'American Idol' Gets Real And 'Jersey Shore' Goes International: This Week's Deep Cuts

For the first time in months, there's no football to watch this weekend (well, there's the Pro Bowl, but since nobody watches it and it's always terrible, it doesn't really count). With that in mind, it's time to catch up on the things in your life that don't involve football, like your growing Netflix queue (time to finally sit down and check out "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World," because it's totally underrated and awesome), experiment with some meals (tackle those vegan burritos or that root beer-based recipe for pulled pork) or indulging in a whole different sports obsession (both the professional and college basketball worlds are getting interesting right now). Or you could just go see "The Mechanic."

But no matter what you end up doing, try not to slip and fall on the ice, and be sure to catch up with the featured MTV Newsroom Blog posts you might have missed this week.

» "American Idol" had another banner week, delivering an early competition favorite and one of the biggest tearjerking moments in the history of the show. And all the while, Steven Tyler has kept the flame of our love for the show extra hot.

» The Oscar nominations were announced this week, and while "The King's Speech" got the most nods, "The Social Network" has the greatest music video pedigree.

» The nominations for the Razzie Awards were also announced this week, and since there isn't a category for Worst Song, we happily obliged.

» The Pittsburgh Steelers not only earned a trip to the Super Bowl but also inspired dozens of terrible songs about their success.

» Speaking of the Super Bowl, Christina Aguilera will be singing the national anthem at the big game, which is a good sign for the Steelers.

» Another reason to watch the Super Bowl? Justin Bieber's collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne.

» The cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" are hitting the road and going to Italy next season. Say it with us: "Una maglietta tempo!"

» Metal's Big 4 — Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax — will be taking over the desert for one day only.

» Avril Lavigne debuted her new video for "What the Hell" this week, which lead to many scenes of her causing chaos.

» New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys announced their biggest show yet this week. They'll be taking over Boston's Fenway Park in June.

» Robert Pattinson wants to play Jeff Buckley, which is actually a pretty inspired idea.

» Finally, just remember that in the feud between Kings of Leon and "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy, everybody loses. Truce, gentlemen!