‘American Idol’ Contestant Chris Medina Declared Biggest Tearjerker By Fans

Through two weeks and four episodes, the new season of “American Idol” has already delivered an impressive stream of memorable moments. Just last night, the viewers got to hear Lauren Alaina, an early favorite to win the whole competition thanks to her combination of incredible vocal chops, professional poise and impressive age (she’s only 15 years old). In fact, Steven Tyler told the audience that he thought they had found a victor as he was exiting the audition room (and if you’ve convinced him, you’ve probably convinced America).

The young season also has delivered some of the most inspirational and tragic back stories in the history of the show, and on Wednesday night (January 26), America met Chris Medina. He had a pretty impressive voice, but he really stole hearts and captures imaginations with his tale of taking care of his financée (and high school sweetheart) after she was hurt badly in an accident. His tale was truly eye-opening, and left very few of those eyes dry by the end of the episode.

In fact, it brought up an interesting question here in the MTV Newsroom: Was Medina’s story the most tearjerking moment in the history of the show? We introduced just such a question on Thursday (January 27), and the readers responded overwhelmingly in the positive. Medina took home first place with a whopping 73 percent of the vote, with many respondents declaring how powerfully they were moved by the narrative. The rest of the field trailed well behind, though Danny Gokey (whose wife passed away only weeks before he auditioned) managed to get 11 percent, as did Angela Martin (who had a string of jaw-dropping bad luck over the course of three seasons).

Do you think Chris Medina can win “American Idol”? Let us know in the comments!

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