Was Chris Medina’s Tale The Biggest Tearjerker In ‘American Idol’ History?

On Wednesday night’s (January 26) episode of “American Idol,” the viewing audience (and the judges) were treated to the tale of Chris Medina, a contestant who not only performed the Script’s “Breakeven” but also told the heartbreaking story of his fiancée, who was in a tragic accident that put her in a coma for a short time and left her with brain damage. He remains her caregiver (along with her mother), and his devotion to her was a truly touching moment. It’s unsure whether Medina has the chops to make it as the winner of “American Idol,” but his story is one of the most inspiring and heartstring-tugging in the history of the show. (It certainly didn’t leave very many dry eyes in the MTV Newsroom.)


In fact, it made us think: Was Medina’s story the biggest tear-jerking moment in the history of “American Idol”? The show has always dealt with heightened emotions, dramatic moments and tragic back stories, and this season alone has already delivered a few of those moments — starting all the way back in the first season, when Jim Verraros used sign language to express his emotional audition to his deaf parents. Some of the stories defined contestants entire existences on the show, like Danny Gokey (whose wife of 12 years passed away only a few weeks before his audition following her third heart surgery) or Josiah Lemming (a kid who lived in his car and whose only family was a terminally ill mother). Or what about Asia’h Epperson, whose father died in a car crash only two days before she auditioned to be on the show in season seven?

But Medina’s biggest competition has to come from Angela Martin, who managed to have the most tragic run of luck in the history of “American Idol.” When she first appeared in season seven, her father passed away just before she competed in Hollywood. A year later, she was forced to drop out of the top 50 because of a traffic warrant. When she tried again in season nine, her entire experience was under the cloud of her mother’s mysterious disappearance. On top of all that, Martin was a single mom with a special needs child, which meant that every roadblock in her way was extra tragic, simply because she had already been through so much.

With that in mind, which “Idol” contestant made you cry the most? Vote in the poll below and let us know any of the heartbreaking moments we forgot in the comments.

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