‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ Welcomes The Killers Back To The Fold

If rock bands want to pick up a little exposure on television, there are a handful of shows they can visit that will guarantee them effective time on the air. There’s the always music-minded “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” the dorm room favorite “Conan” and the indie-friendly, headline-grabbing “The Daily Show.” But for some real cross-generational promotion, Nickelodeon’s “Yo Gabba Gabba” is the only game in town. The show returns for its third season on Monday, February 7 (the day after the Super Bowl), bringing with it a very special musical guest on its premiere episode. Even though they’ve been on hiatus for the better part of a year, the Killers will take the stage on the show to perform a tune called “Spaceship Adventure,” which plays into the episode’s treasure-hunting theme. The nod to Chewbacca is especially fantastic.


The Killers have been officially on hiatus since the beginning of 2010, but they’ve been pretty prolific anyway. Frontman Brandon Flowers may have recorded and released a solo album (the criminally underrated Flamingo), but the band did manage to get together a handful of times over the course of the year (including a high-profile gig on the lawn of the White House as part of President Obama’s Fourth of July celebration). They also recorded and released their annual Christmas single (this one was called “Boots” and was one of the finest in the band’s history).

Having rocked Yo Gabba Gabba, the Killers will next make their way into the studio in May of 2011 to work on their new album, which would be their fourth (following 2004’s Hot Fuss, 2006’s Sam’s Town and 2008’s Day & Age).

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