Steven Tyler Thinks You’re ‘Delicious': The MTV News Quote Of The Day

“The sparkle in your eye is like, forget about it. Looking at you, I’m closing my eyes and it’s a work of art, a thing of beauty … and I will finish that off with a double helping of ooh-yeah.”

“From my melodic sensibility, it was really delicious. I really liked your voice.”

-Aerosmith frontman and “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler, unleashing just two of the dozens of staggeringly great remarks he laid out during the premiere week for the 10th season of the long-running singing competition. Tyler joined fellow newcomer Jennifer Lopez and show veteran Randy Jackson behind the judges’ desk, and while the latter two both acquitted themselves nicely during the show’s first two episodes (which were in East Rutherford, New Jersey and New Orleans), the new version of the program might as well be called “The Steven Tyler Show.” The singer tossed out his delightful bon mots in between flirting with girls and providing vocal and rhythmic accompaniment for a number of potential contestants.

So far, Tyler’s presence on the show has been wildly popular and well-embraced. “If anything, Steven Tyler’s wacky addition proved that it’s not a ’mean judge’ that keeps me jazzed for ’Idol.’ It’s an unhinged one,” explained MTV News’ “American Idol” expert Jim Cantiello, who was thrilled by the new judges and doesn’t miss the departed Simon Cowell at all just yet. “Truth be told, I never realized how much I missed Paula [Abdul] last year. Tyler’s colorful language, zany metaphors and deafening jangly man-jewelry was just the entertaining wild card the two-night premiere needed to give it a must-see facelift.”