‘American Idol’ Judge Randy Jackson Says Simon Is ‘Irreplaceable': The MTV News Quote Of The Day

“It is a little weird, and sometimes I look down the table and I go, ’Kara? No. Paula? No. Ellen? No. Simon? No. Where am I?’ It’s just a different kind of show. Simon is irreplaceable. People have been saying, ’Who’s going to be the mean one?’ Simon is still the mean one.”

-Veteran musician, television producer and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson, discussing the strangeness of going into the 10th season of the show without the rest of the familiar faces at his side. But though the process has obviously been a sureal transition, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going the right way.

In fact, Jackson said the chemistry between himself and new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler is excellent. “Jennifer, Steven and I all agree a lot [and] we disagree a lot,” he explained to MTV News’ Jim Cantiello during a conversation that will air as a part of “Judging the Judges: An ’Idol’ Without Simon” at 10 p.m. live on, just following the premiere of the show. “You’re going to see all flavors of the rainbow because we all think sort of the same way because we’re music industry professionals.”


Despite all the changes, Jackson is optimistic about the new elements that the show will introduce over the course of the next few weeks. And Jackson has high hopes for the results, as he has not only predicted that a woman will win the competition but that said singer will also be “a killer vocalist” who will “change music completely.”

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