‘Jersey Shore’ Gets A New Anthem In Remix Of Bruno Mars’ ‘Grenade’

The cast of MTV’s hit show “Jersey Shore” have given the universe a number of new slang terms, and they seem to be constantly adding new words and phrases to the lexicon (including recent additions like “guy shopping,” “blast in a glass” and the MTV Newsroom Blog favorite “kooka”). But by far the most excellent new augmentation to the English language care of the “Jersey Shore” crew is “grenade,” a term introduced by the men of the house during the show’s first season.

In short, a grenade is an unattractive woman, usually accompanied by a more attractive woman. The idea is that your wing man will have to “fall on the grenade” in order to allow you to seal the deal with the superior specimen. It’s a little offensive, sure, but it’s also pretty clever.

Coincidentally, there are also a lot of references to grenades of a different kind being thrown around on your local radio station. Bruno Mars’ “Grenade,” the second single from his smash debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans, is currently the number one song in the country according to the Billboard Hot 100. In Mars’ tune, he is literally talking about grenades (as in explosives), and how he adores a woman so much that he would be willing to take some shrapnel to the skull in order to express that devotion. It’s a powerful, passionate tune that operates on the opposite end of the “Jersey Shore” spectrum (at least as far as grenades are concerned).

Of course, we couldn’t let two disparate groups talk about grenades without mashing the two up into a remix. So check out the remix of “Grenade” below, which features guest appearances by the Situation (on vocals) and DJ Pauly D (soloing on the “grenade whistle”).


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