‘Jersey Shore’ Stars Pauly D And Vinny Dissect The World’s Most Famous Shower Caddy

So Deena bared it all and Sammi and JWoww brawled as “Jersey Shore” came roaring back on a wave of vodka fumes and hot tub bubbles. Good times! But the thing that had many fans jawing — it even became a trending topic on Twitter — was Vinny’s shower caddy.

The show’s resident nice bro apparently became fed up after having his soaps, shampoos and conditioners constantly snatched by his personal hygiene-obsessed roomies. The answer? That Crocs-inspired caddy. Pauly D let him have it on the show, threatening to tell every gal Vinny hit on that the guy has a shower caddy back at the pad, and when we caught up with Pauly recently, he didn’t let up.

“I gave him so much crap for that,” he laughed. “When I seen that, I let him know, I’m like, ’You do not have a shower caddy!'”

Oh, but he does. And Vinny was quite proud of it, calling the purchase a savvy move from a reality-show veteran. “Everything ends up in other people’s stuff,” he told us. “People end up taking yours. ’Where’s my shampoo? Where’s this?’ It’s better off to keep everything in one contained [bag]. It happens to be called a shower caddy.”

It also happened to look tremendously silly. But that’s cool by Vin as well. “The store that I got it in had slim pickings,” he admitted. “If it could have been more manly, I would have.”

But did he really pick it up himself? Pauly kicked us the inside scoop with a grin: “His mom hooked it up!”