Britney Spears Will Dominate 2011 Over Lady Gaga, According To Readers

There are a lot of albums to look forward to in 2011, including new music from the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, U2, Lil Wayne, Foo Fighters and Drake. But there are two albums that will undoubtedly have the pop universe talking, arguing and singing along for most of the next 12 months. Both Lady Gaga and Britney Spears will be releasing new music in 2011, and both will surely come packaged with killer singles, eye-popping videos, can’t-miss tours and conversation-starting television appearances. Gaga has already started to reveal details (and her butt) about Born This Way, while the final release date and title for Spears’ upcoming release are still up in the air (though it’s almost certain that the two will be putting out their new music relatively close to one another).

So when the two biggest female voices in pop music both put out hotly-anticipated new albums, which one will dominate the year? That’s exactly the question the MTV Newsroom Blog presented to the readers and fans on Monday (January 3). After over 100,000 votes and an incredible amount of back-and-forth between supporters of both women (there were over 1,100 comments on the blog post), one icon stood supreme at the end of the day.


According to the voters, Britney Spears will be the dominant diva in 2011. Spears took home 62 percent of the total vote, notching well over 70,000 votes over the 24 hour period when the poll was left open. Gaga acquitted herself nicely, picking up 38 percent of the vote (approximately 45,000 clicks) in the poll. Many fans seemed to be sharply divided within themselves, as they admitted fandom for both ladies in question. But in the end, the majority sided with Spears, with many citing the fact that Britney has been dominant for much longer than Gaga has, and thus she knows better how to operate on top. No matter who ends up selling more or generating more heat, there will certainly be plenty of headline-grabbing songs to hold our attention in 2011.