Lady Gaga Bares Her Butt For Born This Way, Adds To Legacy Of Pop Star Backsides

Lady Gaga has always promised to put it all out there for her fans on her upcoming album Born This Way, and when she announced the release dates of the album and her new single, she certainly put her money where her mouth is. When she tweeted her hotly-anticipated news on New Year’s Eve, she included a photo of her bare backside. It’s not necessarily the first time Gaga has let the universe see her buttocks (she was recently spotted walking around Paris wearing very little below the belt), but it’s perhaps the most direct shot yet delivered of Gaga’s bare derriere.

Of course, she’s merely the latest in a long line of pop stars who have flashed a little cheek in the name of stardom. Here are some of our favorites.

Nicki Minaj
Though she may be best known for her crazy wigs and envelope-pushing fashions, Minaj has quite a bit of junk in the trunk. Many of her stage costumes accentuate said feature, but this particular outfit left very little to the imagination.

Erykah Badu
For the headline-grabbing video for “Window Seat,” Badu went guerrilla and shot a one-take video on the fly in Dallas. Why did it need to be so underground? Not only did it feature Badu running around non-cleared locations, but it also featured the singer stripping down to her birthday suit and flashing her butt (and everything else).

David Bowie
The Thin White Duke has always been comfortable with the natural human form, but he spent an extended period of time showing off his backside in the video for the huge hit “China Girl.”

Alanis Morissette
Though her debut album Jagged Little Pill was a massive success, Alanis Morissette waited almost four years before dropping her second album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. What did she do to grab attention? Strip down to the bare essentials for the video for her first single “Thank U.”

Marilyn Manson
Though not necessarily the sexist rock star on the planet, Manson did make his bottom quite public when he took the stage to perform “The Beautiful People” as the closing act at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards.

Russian pop act T.A.T.U. have often been more about their sexuality than about the songs, and that was made perfectly clear in the video for “White Robe,” which saw both Lena Katina and Julia Volkova stripped completely bare (though for the purposes of this list, only Katina lets the audience see her butt).

Take That
The classic British boy band spent the duration of their 1991 video “Do What U Like” frolicking together in leather, eventually stripping down to reveal their backsides. Take That member Robbie Williams must have enjoyed the concept, as he later revealed his butt as a solo star in the video for “Rock DJ.”

Katy Perry
In one of the most striking videos of 2010, Katy Perry stripped down for a bottoms-up pose in the “California Gurls” clip.

What’s your favorite bare butt moment in pop? Let us know in the comments!