Justin Bieber Outed As ‘Chandler Bing,’ So Here Are Some New Hotel Aliases

For any superstar, one of the great rites of passage is the practice of registering under a fake name at a hotel. Because some fans are both passionate and unscrupulous, a certain level of anonymity is required when traveling on the road. Professional athletes do it all the time (Michael Vick became somewhat notorious for using the pseudonym “Ron Mexico,” most notably when getting treated for herpes at a clinic), and the alter-egos can stretch anywhere from late politicians to fictional characters. According to a report, 16-year-old Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber prefers the latter, as he has been known to check into hotels as “Chandler Bing,” which was the name of Matthew Perry’s character on the long-running sitcom “Friends.”

Of course, once an alias has been made, it has to be retired (because how many people are actually named Chandler Bing?), which is why Bieber will need to come up with a new name to drop while he is on the road. Luckily, the intrepid MTV Newsroom crew has been around famous people long enough to know exactly what they need, which is why we present Mr. Bieber with this list of alternative aliases as he makes his way through the world’s finest hotels.

Ross Geller
Why not use a little lateral thinking and pick a different character from “Friends”? He could also go with Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc’s character) or Richard Burke (one of Monica’s boyfriends, played by Tom Selleck).

George Costanza
If he doesn’t want to stick with “Friends” names but still wants to relive the ’90s NBC comedy lineup, he should go with one of the key characters from “Seinfeld.”

Niles Crane
See above, except insert “Frasier” in there.

Doug McKenzie
In a nod to his Canadian roots, Bieber should assume a name used on the classic sketch show “SCTV.” Also useful: Guy Caballero and Johnny LaRue.

Daniel Osbourne
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was a cult favorite in the late ’90s, and one of the most endearing characters on that show was part-time werewolf Daniel “Oz” Osbourne (played by Seth Green).

Hawkeye Pierce
Though it had its series finale 11 years before Bieber was even born, “M*A*S*H” endures as one of the biggest, most important and most beloved television shows in the history of the medium.

Edward Masen
Since Bieber and actor Robert Pattinson are probably the two biggest teen heartthrobs in the world, it’s only right that Justin should borrow the fictional name of Pattinson’s “Twilight” character (and in an extra-special twist, he should use the name Masen, which was Edward’s human name before he was changed into a vampire).

Georges St-Pierre
St-Pierre is the current UFC champion in the welterweight division, and one badass Canadian to boot. Why shouldn’t he share his name with another key citizen of the Great White North?

Jake Sully
Taking the name of the lead character from “Avatar” is perfect, because it references a gigantic cultural event but also keeps him somewhat anonymous. After all, does anybody really remember what Sam Worthington’s name was in the movie?

Cordell Walker
Bieber is a big fan of Chuck Norris (a fact he regularly brings up on Twitter), so why not assume the name of the character Norris played on the legendary series “Walker, Texas Ranger”?

What name do you think Justin Bieber should use in hotels? Let us know in the comments!

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