Paramore, Captain Beefheart And The Best Of 2010: This Week’s Deep Cuts

This brief holiday week is about to come to a close. MTV News wishes you the best over the long holiday weekend, where hopefully you’ll eat plenty of festive food, see “True Grit” repeatedly (because it’s that good) and generally enjoying the final moments of the year that was. The MTV Newsroom Blog will be back on Monday (December 27), but until then, enjoy all the biggest moments from this week’s posts, including nuggets about Paramore, U2, “Jersey Shore” and Keri Hilson.

» It was something of a tumultuous week for a lot of people, beginning with Paramore, who lost two members and are figure out how to move forward.

» There was chaos elsewhere in the music world, as the troubled “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” encountered another injury and more delays. This is a much bigger U2-related mess than the PopMart tour.

» It wasn’t all bad news, as “The Sing-Off” crowned a champion.

» It takes some people decades to figure out what was important in a single year, but it only takes MTV News’ Jim Cantiello 60 seconds.

» This week saw the release of Keri Hilson’s new album No Boys Allowed, which was largely embraced by critics.

» Which of 2010’s feuds were the best? Maybe it was the one between the crossover country star and the superstar platinum rapper.

» “Jonah Hex” may have been a terrible movie, but the soundtrack by Mastodon was one of the best of the year.

» Christmas hasn’t happened yet, but it’s already time to get excited for New Year’s Eve with the assistance of a shirtless Vinny from “Jersey Shore.”

» You know what stars did a lot of in 2010? Sang their own names. (We’re looking at you, Jason Derulo.)

» The music world lost another titan this week when Don Van Vliet — known better as Captain Beefheart — passed away at age 69.

» Finally, just remember that if you’re nodding your head to a killer hip-hop breakbeat, you almost certainly have James Brown and “Funky Drummer” to thank.

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