With The Winter Solstice Upon Us, Warm Up With Fleet Foxes

For most of the people who live in the parts of the country that experience seasons (and even some of them that normally don’t), it’s hard to convince them that winter is only officially beginning today. It has been cold, snowy, dark and desolate for months, so the fact that winter is only just starting is a little disheartening for a lot of folks. But there’s no fighting the passage of time or the natural spin of the Earth, which means that the Winter Solstice is upon us.

Perhaps the one consolation? There’s also a lunar eclipse tonight, and the eclipse and the solstice haven’t synced up like this in 27 years. So if you believe in the power of the moon (or if you are Marc Spector), then tonight should be interesting. For those of you not in tune with the solstice (essentially the day of the year where the northern hemisphere gets the least sunlight because of the axis position of the Earth), you’ll probably do what you have been doing for the past few weeks: Trying to avoid snowstorms, keeping warm and wondering how it’s possible that the year is almost over.

In order to help you stay toasty and appreciate the magic of a lunar eclipse (it’s truly spooky if you’ve never checked it out), then you should probably crank up your favorite wintry mix (which we imagine is full of Morrissey songs and M.O.P’s “Cold as Ice”). We’ll get you started with Fleet Foxes’ “White Winter Hymnal,” which is somehow brutally chilly and strangely warming all at the same time. (It also has a fantastically trippy video, which certainly helps.)


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