Miranda Cosgrove Taps Rivers Cuomo For Collaboration

For most of his early career, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was known as a guy who was constantly at work in his lab, writing and recording by himself without much input from other people (even the other members of his band). But lately, he has been everywhere, working with everyone. It has lead to some incredibly strange and thrilling tag-team efforts, including at least one big hit (that being B.o.B’s “Magic”). In the past two years, Cuomo has worked with the aforementioned B.o.B, Lil Wayne, Sugar Ray, Katy Perry (the fruits of which we have yet to hear) and a bunch of fans on the Internet. Over the weekend, we learned of Cuomo’s newest in-studio partner: “iCarly” star and upstart pop sensation Miranda Cosgrove.

“I’m recording a duet with @riverscuomo in a few days for the new album!” Cosgrove wrote on Twitter on Saturday (Decmeber 18). “So freakin’ excited!”

It makes sense for Cuomo to team up with Cosgrove, as his sensibilities match up well with Cosgrove’s brand of guitar-kissed, hormone-fueled pop. It should be a victory for both parties, as Cosgrove will get a slightly punchier boost and Cuomo will introduce himself to a new generation of fans.

But who else will Cuomo work with in the future? Here are five collaborations that should happen in 2011.

Cuomo, of course, has a metal past that is not so secret, and growing up in suburban Connecticut, he was obsessed with Kiss (this is all laid out on “In the Garage”). This should really be the year when Rivers teams up with Gene, Paul and whoever else is left among the Kiss ranks for a collaborative effort. The makeup alone should be worth it.

Susan Boyle
No, seriously. On paper, Boyle took a chance or two on her new album with covers of songs by Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen. Unfortunately, those were sort of bloodless and cold. Cuomo has great pop instincts and could provide Boyle with just enough garage rock energy to switch her game up just enough to make people raise their eyebrows again.

The most emo rapper int e world should definitely find himself in the same booth with the guy who helped bring emo to the mainstream back in the day. Drake and Cuomo also have similar crooning styles, which is why the two should do some killer harmonizing over a fantastically fuzzy backbeat.

Lady Gaga
Gaga is the very definition of a singularity, of course, but if there’s one person who might be able to harness and work with her strange, exciting energy, it’s Cuomo. Since many believe that Gaga is one or two rock riffs away from truly taking over the world, it seems like a perfect marriage.

Paul Westerberg
Just because it seems like this should have happened already. After all, shouldn’t one of the godfathers of indie power-pop hook up with one of his disciples?

Who would you like to see Rivers Cuomo collaborate with in 2011? Let us know in the comments!

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