Justin Bieber Learns The ‘Swag Walk’ From Diddy

With millions of records sold, a major movie release on the way and the respect of much of the music community, you have to admit that Justin Bieber has plenty of his own swagger. But no matter how great his game is, there’s nothing like getting a little instruction from some veteran professionals. On Tuesday (December 14), MTV News tagged along with Diddy while he sped through New York City promoting his new album Last Train to Paris, which means that Sway and his team were also on hand when the two ended up in a recording studio together. Bieber was busy working on some new tunes for his upcoming album, and the rapper decided to show pop’s biggest rising star how it’s done.

“We wanted to make you an official member of the Dirty Money crew. This is your swag,” he told the star, handing him an official Diddy-Dirty Money varsity jacket. “And then you got to do the swag too. I got to show you the swag walk.”

What was Diddy’s sage advice for the 16-year-old on how to properly walk with swagger? “When we walk down the streets of New York, so me and you walking, we’re hanging out,” he said. “We in the street, Times Square, we go swag. Swag. You see my hand? That’s pushing the hate back, ’cause there’s a lot of hate sometimes.”

After Bieber displayed his swag walk, Diddy excitedly proclaimed, “You got it, son! You got it!” After each one co-signed the other’s latest work, the rap mogul added, “Keep that swag!”

To see their studio encounter in full and Diddy’s swag lesson for Bieber, check out the video!


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