Congratulations To Jennifer Love Hewitt For Her Golden Globe Nomination For ‘The Client List’

Sure we have to give props to flicks like “127 Hours,” “Inception,” “The Social Network,” “The Fighter,” “The King’s Speech” and “Black Swan” for their Golden Globe nominations, but as we were watching the nominations being announced this morning, MTV Newsroom Blog editor Kyle Anderson and I were delighted to find out one of the nominations went out to Jennifer Love Hewitt for her turn as a desperate mom turned masseuse turned prostitute turned whistle blower in the greatest film of 2010 (and a Lifetime Original!), “The Client List”

Hewitt’s character in “The Client List” doesn’t chop off her arm to save herself or kidnap people’s dreams, nor does she start up a controversial multi-billion dollar social network or struggle with self-identity while she trains for a high-profile ballet performance, but Hewitt’s Samantha Horton did had an overbearing mother (just like Natalie Portman did in “Black Swan”), a drug problem and the audacity to sell out the men she “massaged” in order to face a less harsh jail sentence — that’s some straight-up Mark Zuckerberg business right there, people!

In the category of Best Performance By An Actress In A Mini-Series Or Motion Picture Made For Television, she’s up against Hayle Atwell¬†¬†for something called “Pillars of the Earth,” Claire Danes for those eyelash commercials (or maybe it was for “Temple Grandin”), Dame Judi Dench for “Return To Cranford” and Romola Garai for “Emma,” but of course our money is on Love to take home the coveted prize.

In honor of her nomination, let’s pay homage to Love’s other career as a singer and give a listen to “Barenaked,” a track from her 2002 album of the same name that seems awfully appropriate for an actress nominated for playing a prostitute.