Taylor Swift Immortalized By Artist Peter Max

Remember when Andy Warhol used to make pop art portraits of beautiful people like Marilyn Monroe? Well, it seems that pop artist Peter Max has found his Monroe in the form of the equally blond (though far less tragic) Taylor Swift.

Max recently put his extra-colorful spin on Taylor's Speak Now album cover, reinterpreting it as a collage of rainbow bursts. He took a similar take on Taylor's Fearless artwork earlier this year. And while the artist has personally given these portraits to the singer as gifts in the past, and even had them on display in galleries, they are now available for public consumption.

"I've been doing portraits of iconic musicians for so many years, and it is a pleasure to add Taylor Swift to the collection," Mad Max said in a statement about the latest portrait he's created for the singer. "She is one of the most beautiful and talented stars we have today."

A press release for the images reveals that Taylor is also a fan of Max's. "Taylor was thrilled when she learned of Max’s interest in doing the portrait, as she is a lifelong fan of his, having often seen his work on display in the Ocean Gallery in Stone Harbor, New Jersey," the press release stated. "Swift remembered walking past the gallery window many times as a child and young teen, and was often stopped in her tracks by the vibrancy of Max’s works."

And while that anecdote makes us wonder further about Taylor's childhood and family vacations, it's also kind of cool that Taylor is living the dream.