Enjoy Some Spacehog For No Particular Reason: Wake-Up Video

Maybe it's because it's the holiday season, or perhaps it's just because it's one of those cosmic days on the calendar, but there isn't a lot of history to commemorate today. Sure, we could celebrate the release of the first album by T.a.T.u. or raise a glass to LaDanian Tomlinson breaking the all-time single season touchdown record (he ran in for his 29th score against the Denver Broncos, passing Shaun Alexander — remember him? — for the record that still stands today), but how satisfying would those really be? So in lieu of trying to stretch the limits of this feature, let's just throw the premise out entirely and talk about Spacehog.

All for members of Spacehog are English, but the band formed in New York City in 1994. Their post-modern take on glam rock didn't necessarily fit in with the grunge era, but that didn't stop them from scoring a record deal and picking up a ton of radio and MTV buzz with their breakout single "In the Meantime" (from their debut album Resident Alien). Their second album, the grossly underrated masterpiece The Chinese Album, fell mostly on deaf ears. It's truly disappointing, as The Chinese Album is a dynamic concept album that has a great story (about a dystopia in the not-too-distant-future) and also contains some killer songs (like the punchy single "Mungo City," the gorgeous "Beautiful Girl" and the warm "Lucy's Shoe").

The band broke up shortly after the release of their third album The Hogyssey, and frontman Royston Langdon became more famous for being the husband of Liv Tyler. But they recently re-formed, and they've played a handful of tour dates with a new album in the works. In case you forgot, there are barely the words to explain how great "In the Meantime" is.