Did Howard Stern Or Carl Crawford Sign The Better Contract?

It's not often that contract news makes for such hot headlines, but earlier this morning there were two big stories that both involved famous people signing gigantic contracts worth millions of dollars. Each one comes from a different branch of the entertainment genre (Howard Stern being a legendary radio DJ, while Carl Crawford is a hot baseball prospect), but the thing that brings them together is the massive number of dollars involved in each.

In the first instance, Stern inked a new deal with Sirius/XM radio, the satellite company who adopted him when he left terrestrial radio back in 2004. That original deal was worth $500 million dollars. Stern ended up producing content across two different satellite radio stations, and Sirius/XM gives him credit for bringing 20 million more listeners to satellite radio. Though the details of his contract haven't been fully released, analysts believe that the new contract (which is for another five years) is worth around $400 million.

Meanwhile, former Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Crawford inked a deal with the Boston Red Sox for $142 million over seven years. The 29-year-old Crawford is coming off a career season for him, one that saw him bat .307 with 19 home runs and 90 runs batted in. He also has a great deal of speed (he stole 47 bases last season) and plays defense extremely well (he nailed down his first Gold Glove this year). Along with the recently-acquired Adrian Gonzalez, Crawfod will immediately help solidify the center of the Red Sox lineup, which has been lacking in power for the past few seasons.

Both deals feature gigantic dollar figures attached to them, but which one scored bigger on Thursday morning? Vote in the poll below and let us know your arguments in the comments!