Michael Jackson's 'Hold My Hand' Video: The Key Scene

When the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur died, they both had unreleased material that slowly got released to the public. Putting out posthumous music isn't particularly difficult, but promoting after-death releases with music videos is a more challenging task. Both Biggie and Tupac appeared in videos after they passed away, using a healthy dose of old footage and plenty of guest stars to distract from the fact that the central figure was no longer with us.

In addition to the music he left behind, Michael Jackson also left plenty of footage on the cutting room floor (in fact, much of that was integrated into the hit 2009 film "Michael Jackson's This Is It").

For the video for "Hold My Hand" (the just-premiered first clip from Jackson's upcoming album Michael), the director used a combination of vintage Jackson footage, performance clips of guest star Akon and inspiration shots of children re-enacting some of Jackson's most iconic dance moves. It's a gorgeous video that actually makes "Hold My Hand" sound better, even though it looks a little like a soda commercial at times and really drives home the fact that Akon handles most of the vocal duties on the track.

In the clip's key scene, a shadow of Jackson (in yet another iconic pose) is cast against a giant wall. It's an image that captures an awful lot of themes at once, as it not only drives home what a huge figure Jackson was but also reminds us that since his tragic passing last year, we are only left with memories and shadows.

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