Robyn's 'Dancing On My Own': The Hit That Somehow Wasn't

In his comments about Robyn's "Dancing On My Own," MTV News' Jim Cantiello declared, "I don't why this song wasn't the biggest hit of 2010, honestly." That may sound like hyperbole, but when you really think about it, Cantiello is right. "Dancing On My Own" is a song that does just about everything correctly. It has an incredible groove that is easy to dance to (which makes it great groin music) and also penetrating lyric sheet (that's excellent head music). And then there's that chorus, which is simultaneously heartbreaking and thrilling, creating a special kind of melancholy that only occasionally surfaces in mainstream pop tracks.

And that is perhaps what is most frustrating about Robyn's relative lack of success (which is not to say that she is unsuccessful, but rather that she deserves much, much more). She seems to have split the difference between Lady Gaga's theater pop, Rihanna's world-weary toughness and the type of robotic European dance grooves that made David Guetta a big star this year. If Robyn does everything that everybody seems to want all at once when it comes to radio-friendly pop, what stops her from setting up a permanent residence at the top of the Billboard charts?

Those mysteries are what make lists like the MTV News Top 25 Songs of 2010 so much fun to make (and subsequently argue about). Robyn's talents are great, and "Dancing On My Own" is a tremendous accomplishment (though it wasn't even my favorite single of hers this year — that would be "Hang With Me"). Hopefully her appearance on this list (and the lists of a lot of other outlets and publications) will help continue to elevate her moving forward. And if not, well, at least we have something to shout along with in the club.


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