Shaquille O'Neal Celebrating Michael Jackson Themed Christmas

It's strange to think of Shaquille O'Neal as just a guy who plays basketball. Sure, he still is known primarily for being one of the most dominant centers of a generation (and currently helping to anchor a surging Boston Celtics club), but he has also been a staple of television, movies, music, advertising, charity and strange pop culture phenomena ever since he was drafted to the NBA way back in 1992. He'll be combining a handful of those things when he (or rather his alter-ego "Shaq-A-Claus") throws a party for a group of kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury in Dedham, Massachusetts today (Tuesday, December 7).

According to the report in the Boston Herald, Shaq will be challenging some of the kids to a dance-off with the help of the just-released video game "Michael Jackson: The Experience," which allows players to jump into some of the late superstar's most iconic moves and routines, including classic choreography from the videos for "Thriller," "Billie Jean" and "Beat It." We already know Shaq can dance (he narrowly lost a dance-off to Canadian pop sensation and basketball enthusiast Justin Bieber on an episode of his reality show "Shaq Vs.") and is a huge fan of MJ (Shaq idolized the singer growing up and the two became friends while O'Neal played for the Orlando Magic — they even collaborated together on a never-released song called "We Be Ballin'"), so this seems like the perfect party for Shaq to host.

And in case you really need proof of his dancing skills or his Michael Jackson enthusiasm, watch Shaq dance to "Beat It."