Diddy-Dirty Money Conquer 'Saturday Night Live,' Help Us Celebrate #MusicMonday

Really, you should be listening to music every day, but thanks to Twitter, Monday has become the best day of the week to discover new songs, show some love to the tune currently dominating your iPod playlist and quietly judge the listening habits of your closest friends. Yes, it's #MusicMonday, one of Twitter's most enduring trending topics. Hence "MTV News' #MusicMonday," a weekly look at the songs we are currently crushing on.

This week, hip-hop, funk and dance music combine in the latest experiment from Diddy-Dirty Money.

It has only been a few years since we last heard a full album from Sean "Diddy" Combs (his previous solo album Press Play came out in 2006), but the buzz surrounding his upcoming album Last Train to Paris has been so big for so long that it feels like it has been forever since we've heard anything from the guy (the fact that Last Train to Paris has had a handful of missed release dates probably contributes to this).

But Diddy is finally ready to let the project drop, and he pulled the curtain back on some new music care of "Saturday Night Live." Saturday night's (December 4) episode was hosted by Robert De Niro and featured a pair of performances from Diddy-Dirty Money (which also features singers Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper), including current single "Coming Home" and upcoming single "Ass on the Floor" (which also features Swizz Beatz, who also showed up on Saturday night). Diddy promises that the album will blend hip-hop with a number of other genres, including experimental European dance sounds and interesting electronic noises. Any Diddy release is going to be an event, and the excitement over Last Train to Paris will build right through its release next Tuesday (December 14). In preparation, we're cranking up "Angels," one of the first songs from Last Train to Paris that hints at the rest of the tone of the album.