Insane Clown Posse Announce Christmas Toy Drive With Another Excellent Video

The men from 30 Seconds to Mars weren’t the only group dropping a huge video on Monday (November 29). Underground rap legends, viral superstars and friends of MTV News Insane Clown Posse dropped a new video explaining a few big projects for the month of December. Not only is the group headed out on the road for their Old S— Tour, but they are also hosting a toy drive. All throughout the month, the duo will be collecting toys and kids’ hats, gloves and scarves from Juggalos at shows and via the good old-fashioned postal service. In return, those donating will receive a free compilation CD called Holiday Heat, which collects a handful of Christmas-themed tracks from ICP, Twiztid and the rest of the Psychopathic label roster (including tracks like “Murdercity Christmas,” “Ryda Holiday” and “Santa’s a Fat B—-“).

Of course, it wouldn’t be an ICP announcement without a fantastically low-fi video full of some of their extended family’s signature personalities. The clip is hosted by Sweet Sugar Slam (who has hosted the last two announcements about the Gathering; the whole thing is called Sugar Slam’s Super Live Toy Drive) and features drop-ins by Corporal Robinson (complete with JCW Championship belt), Lay Low (dubbed the “Holiday Hatchet Man”) and Mike E. Clark (who handles much of the production for ICP and also dresses as Santa Claus).

The nine-minute video features all the great things that have made past ICP videos so lovable, including the casual use of coarse language (especially care of the announcer, who bellows things like “Don’t be a d—!” and “Thanks for giving a f—!”), colorful minimalist graphics and some fantastic performances (Mike E. Clark as Mike E. Claus is especially manic and wonderful). On top of all that, it’s a good cause. So catch up with ICP on the road, bring your toys along, claim your free CD (autographed by Shaggy and J!) and remember that Christmas is a time for sharing, caring and getting drunk as f—.