‘Skating With The Stars’ Recap: Mess On Ice

It’s tempting to think that “Skating With the Stars” will be just like “Dancing With the Stars,” except even better. After all, it’s basically the same show, except it adds an infinitely more difficult physical activity and tosses in ice (which, of course, ups the potential for danger). If we were to create a professional wrestling metaphor, “Skating With the Stars” would be like Extreme Championship Wrestling, with less polish but more potential for mayhem.

Unfortunately, “Skating With the Stars” — which had its season premiere last Monday night (November 22) and continued last night (Monday, November 29) — is not quite the entertainment explosion that it should be. Though the lineup doesn’t quite have the same pop as your average “Dancing With the Stars” season, it’s still pretty dynamic: Professional skier (and former MTV’s “The Challenge” host) Jonny Moseley, Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil, reality TV staple Bethenny Frankel, Disney actor Brandon Mychal Smith, soap star Rebecca Budig and “Blade Runner” actress Sean Young. (The latter was eliminated last night in a moment that was relatively non-controversial.)

Of the five remaining stars, Smith actually seems to have it together, followed closely behind by Moseley (perhaps backing up a theory that if you’re good at one winter sport, you’re good at all winter sports). The competition seems a bit skewed towards the men, as they have to do little more than perform lifts and look graceful (the demands on the women are much greater and probably more than a little unfair). And though there are plenty of scenes of famous people falling down on ice (Neil was especially prone to tumbles), the whole thing seemed a little airless (it doesn’t help that they keep playing up the fact that they are constantly falling — moderation is everything).

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