30 Seconds To Mars’ ‘Hurricane’ Video: The Key Scene

If you’re a fan of epic, mind-bending music videos, 2010 has been an exceptionally good year for you. Lady Gaga kicked things off with the kinetic “Telephone” clip, and Kanye West upped the ante with his sprawling fever dream “Runaway.” But 30 Seconds to Mars may have both of those pop titans beat at their own game with “Hurricane,” the just-released clip for the latest single from their 2009 album This Is War. “Hurricane” had been built up over a number of months by frontman Jared Leto (who directed the clip under his alternate name Bartholomew Cubbins), and the anticipation for the clip has been extremely high. The question leading up to its premiere on Monday night (November 29) was whether or not it would live up to Leto’s considerable hype and cryptic clues about its content.

Based on the final product, it more than delivered. “Hurricane” is a jaw-dropping 13-minute romp through the outer edges of Leto’s psyche, full of haunting images, jarring violence, winking sex and confusing dream logic. The loose narrative follows the three members of 30 Seconds to Mars through a surreal, mostly-empty version of New York City. They encounter a number of masked individuals and women in bondage gear, some of whom seem threatening and others who provide some sort of assistance. In the clip’s climactic key scene, Leto comes upon a courtyard full of coffins covered in American flags and is attacked by a large man wearing a leather mask and carrying a sledgehammer. The assailant gets the drop on Leto, and he ends up trapped in the only empty casket.

“Hurricane” is an incredible accomplishment that seems to borrow from a number of excellent sources (most notably Stanley Kubrick’s underrated final masterpiece “Eyes Wide Shut”). Leto has been hinting that there is an even more elaborate, uncensored cut out there, but the version of “Hurricane” that exists out there is already pretty amazing.

What is your favorite scene in the new 30 Seconds to Mars video? Let us know in the comments!

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