The American Music Awards Red Carpet: The Live Blog

Some of the biggest names in music are gathered under one roof on Sunday night (November 21) for the 2010 version of the American Music Awards. The show is always a headline-grabbing affair (last year's broadcast featured the now-infamous kiss between Adam Lambert and one of his band members that incited complaints from viewers), and this year's should be no different. While everybody is curious about who will win the prizes in the 21 different categories, the main attraction is the series of performances. The lineup is pretty impressive, headlined by Justin Bieber (who will be performing his brand new song "Pray," which comes from his forthcoming album My Worlds Acoustic), Rihanna (who told MTV News that her performance would actually be kicking the show off, just as she did with Eminem at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards), Taylor Swift, Kid Rock, Christina Aguilera and a host of others.

The show kicks off at 8 p.m. Eastern, but MTV News' own Tim Kash and James Montgomery will be on the ground at the red carpet watching for all of the big entrances and chatting with music's biggest stars. Check out the dispatches from Kash and Montgomery in the live blog below, and stay tuned to MTV News for more coverage of one of the biggest nights of the year for pop music.

8:05 That's it for the red carpet, but we'll be inside all night for the entire show, so stay tuned to MTV News for the latest updates and hottest news.

8:00 Diddy just hauled ass into the house because he was running late. He did take a moment to remove his grill from his bottom teeth. (Or maybe it was his Invisalign — it was hard to tell.)

7:58 Katy Perry and Johnny Weir hug each other on the carpet. They have the same pink and purple highlights in their hair — it's strangely fitting. (On second blush, it appears as though Perry's hair is just black. Does she have magic color-change hair or are we just fooled by the California sun?)

7:54 Pink and Carey Hart walk the carpet hand-in-hand. Her hair is silver now, for the record.

7:50 Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block walked the carpet together, sort of like a Voltron of teenage heartthrobbery.

7:45 Ke$ha's mohawk stands tall and proud above the hustle and bustle of the AMA carpet, like a solemn bird of prey.

7:40 Nicki Minaj is wearing a golden ribcage. There's no other way to describe it. It sort of looks like she's channeling the cover of Florence and the Machine's Lungs album. Or H.R Geiger.

7:35 Heidi Klum just whirled around right into Usher, who feigned shock then hugged her. They spent a moment conversing on the carpet. "You look amazing," he smiled. He's not wrong.

7:31 Meanwhile, John Legend just posed for a picture with an overzealous reporter from Telemundo. "Don't kiss my girlfriend," he jokingly warns him.

7:28 Gavin Rossdale (of recently reunited alt-rockers Bush) is rocking a samurai hairdo. It works for him.

7:25 Sometimes walking the red carpet requires a little bit of multi-tasking. Take Taio Cruz, for example. He is spending his red carpet time actively snacking. He's got cocktail napkins and everything.

7:21 Mike Posner's beard is so perfectly manicured that he should really start teaching a manscaping class at the Learning Annex.

7:12 Rihanna's stunning red dress matches her vivid hair perfectly. Synergy!

7:05 Avril Lavigne has pink streaks in her hair and is wearing a "B" charm around her neck — perhaps for her new beau, Brody Jenner?

7:00 Trey Songz is looking dapper in a grey suit. He's flanked by a pair of security guards in secret service get-ups — black shades and everything.

6:55 Alex da Kid just stopped to talk to Tim Kash about the song he did for T.I.'s new album. It features Christina Aguilera.

6:47 While the photographers go crazy for Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne slips in. The former "Dancing With the Stars" finalist is looking great.

6:45 Anybody watching the red carpet live stream on Ustream just got to see "Rock the AMAs" by DeStorm. Does anybody know if it was supposed to be intentionally goofy?

6:35 Because all the big stars know it's cool to be fashionably late, the boldfaced names are only just arriving now (even though the carpet has been open for 90 minutes). Miley Cyrus is here, looking lovely.

6:00 Former "American Idol" heartthrob and upcoming country star Danny Gokey is here, but he's not performing. He's covering the show for the AMA Ustream, which is also being helmed by former *NSYNC star Lance Bass and "The City" star Whitney Port.

5:45 We're live on the red carpet at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles for the 2010 American Music Awards, drinking Diet Coke and awaiting the arrival of tonight's special guests. All of the biggest stars in the music world are expected to attend, compete and perform tonight. So far, we've spotted former "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi, who worked with some of tonight's performers on their presentations this evening. Stay tuned for more updates!