My Chemical Romance's 'SING' Video: The Key Scene

Doesn't it feel good to have My Chemical Romance back? Not only are they one of the most energetic and lively bands out there, but they are also an incredibly inventive visual sensibility that yields tremendous music videos. Their new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys has already produced an amazing clip for "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)," and just after midnight on Thursday morning (November 18), the band dropped their second video for the track "SING."

The new clip picks up almost in the exact spot where "Na Na Na" left off, with the child in the video in the clutches of the evil Grant Morrison. But the band (appearing as their alter-egos the Fabulous Killjoys) are on the case. They raid Morrison's headquarters and appear to be out of the woods when another laser blaster battle breaks out with another group of masked minions. In an eye-popping twist, the band gets caught in the lobby of the building and end up perishing (though not before the young boy can sneak out — he escapes in a van driven by the guy who runs the radio station in the first video). In the clip's key scene, Morrison starts the chain reaction that leads to the Fabulous Killjoys' (apparent) demise.

Not since Guns N' Roses released their trilogy of videos from the Use Your Illusion albums at the beginning of the '90s has there been a more epic story told over the course of a handful of clips. Fans will be eagerly anticipating part three of the story. Is the band really dead? What will become of the boy — and why is he so special? These questions will hopefully be answered in the coming weeks, leading up to the release of Danger Days next week.

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