Justin Bieber's New Song Inspired By 'Man In The Mirror': The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I don't know if it's out there ... I'm performing 'Pray' [on the American Music Awards]. It's a very uplifting song, very motivational. It definitely comes from the heart. It's very beautiful. I definitely thought of Michael [Jackson's] 'Man in the Mirror' when I was writing it."

-Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber, revealing some details about his newest song, which will be on his upcoming album My Worlds Acoustic. Bieber will premiere the song this Sunday (November 21) at the American Music Awards, which will air live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

During a conversation with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, Bieber talked at length about his acoustic album. "I think that there's always going to be people that try to bring you down and you just got to prove them wrong," he said of My Worlds Acoustic. "I'm just blessed to have devoted fans. My fans just kind of spoil me."

He also chatted about his recent dinner with Rihanna, who he has often flirted with in the past. "We all went out for dinner, the label and everybody, and Rihanna was there," he explained to Seacrest. "Me and her sat together. I said a couple lines to her. I was just being funny. I don't remember how it came up, but she was like, 'You have abs? Show 'em!' So I did, and she tweeted [about it]."

My Worlds Acoustic will be hitting the streets next Friday, November 26 — the day after Thanksgiving traditionally known as "Black Friday" because of the nuttiness of the holiday shopping crowds and the intensity of the sales.