Pregnant Pink Should Put These Items On Her Baby Registry

By Nuzhat Naoreen

In case you haven't heard the good news, Pink announced on Wednesday's (November 17) episode of "Ellen" that she and hubby Carey Hart are expecting a baby. It may still be awhile until the little one makes his or her debut, but we figured it's never too early to start thinking about the baby registry. After all, with a rockstar mom and a BMX biker dad, this kid is sure to have a kickass nursery.

» Every newborn needs a pacifier, but why pick up something generic when you can add a little attitude? This heart design from Crazy Baby Clothing seems like it fits the bill.

» Of course, music will definitely be a huge part of Pink's child’s life, and what better to soothe his or her cries at night than the Rockabye Baby! albums, which turn popular tunes into lullabies fit for the crib. They don't have a series of Pink songs, but Pink Floyd is probably the next best thing, right?

» Shockingly, we couldn't find a BMX bike fit for a baby (sorry Carey!), but we've got a feeling this super cool "That's How I Roll" T-shirt (featuring an image of a tricycle) will be enough to give dad a run for his money.

» Most parents might decorate a nursery with teddy bears and rocking chairs, but we think the finishing touch for this baby's room will be a hardcore drum set. We realize the newborn may not be able to pick up drum sticks for a couple of years, but mom can always use it to spruce up nightly nursery rhymes in the meantime.

» We figured it might be a little too early to add an iPod to the gift registry (we'll wait until the first birthday for that one), but until we reach that milestone, this iPod one-piece (with a not-so-subtle "change me" reminder) should suffice!