Paramore's 'Playing God' Video: The Key Scene

A little over a year ago, Paramore released their third album Brand New Eyes, a darker, more mature, more tumultuous collection of tunes than anything the band had ever done. As is often the case with music that is a bit more intense, the collection of videos associated with the singles from Brand New Eyes have been roundly excellent. They began things with the minimalist intensity of "Ignorance," graduated to the cinematic grandeur of "Brick by Boring Brick" and "The Only Exception" and got more intimate with "Careful." Their latest clip, "Playing God," actually seems to bring together all of those previous elements into a single excellent video.

The clip for "Playing God" (which premiered earlier today on Paramore's official Web site) opens with singer Hayley Williams sitting in her actual car in front of her actual house in Franklin, Tennessee. (We know these are legit because MTV News went there last year.) She makes her way to her basement where the rest of her band members are tied up with rope. She circles them and taunts them with the song's chorus: "Next time you point a finger/ I'll point you to the mirror."

The action cuts between Williams singing at the other members of Paramore and a scene in Williams' dining room that sees her giving her band mates tea that she has poisoned. In the video's key scene, not only does she sit passively over her dead compatriots but also wears a killer pair of sunglasses.

Paramore are currently in the U.K. whipping through another tour, but they'll be back in Tennessee next week to celebrate Thanksgiving before hitting a handful of holiday radio festivals in the month of December (including stops in Los Angeles and at New York's Madison Square Garden).