The 'Dancing With The Stars' Situation: The Final Four Step Up

Victory was within sniffing distance for all four contestants still alive coming into Monday night's (November 15) episode of "Dancing With the Stars," so it was up to Brandy, Jennifer Grey, Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey to give just a little bit more to impress both the judges and the home viewing audience. Tuesday night's (November 16) results show should be a nail-biter, as each contestant made a reasonable case for why he or she should be the new "Dancing With the Stars" champion (yes, even the much-maligned Palin pulled that off).

Of all the dancers, it was Grey who stepped up the most. After spending the first few weeks of the competition as the prohibitive favorite, she might have lost a step or two thanks to the hectic schedule and the increasing demands on her from the judges. But Grey really brought out the big guns on Monday night, as her pair of dances netted her perfect scores all around.


After several weeks at about-to-break status, Massey finally got in gear too, picking up a pair of 29s for his two dances (including an especially impressive Argentine tango set to "Jai Ho" from "Slumdog Millionaire"). He had shown hints of it prior to Monday night, but Massey really turned on the polish during his performances, and he looked as professional as his partner.

Perhaps the most disappointing round of the night went to Brandy, who picked up a perfect score for her Argentine tango but only netted a 27 for her paso doble. It was still certainly pretty good, but her performance looked just a tad uneven and lapsed into sloppiness at points. That left the door open for Palin, who still had the lowest scores of the night (she snagged a 26 and a 27) but did manage to perform what was her single best dance of the season (a paso doble set to Britney Spears' "Gimme More"). She still doesn't have the same kind of character and precision that the other remaining contestants have, but she is definitely a better dancer than she was a few weeks ago.

And that will probably be enough to get her into the finals. Since Grey's performances were so overwhelmingly sharp, the final elimination seems to come down to either Brandy or Massey. Taken in a vacuum, Massey danced far better than Brandy did on this evening, but Brandy has a much better shot at winning than does Massey. Since the idea of an all-female trio of finalists probably irks people, expect Brandy to get the final exit before the finals next week.

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