Kanye West Won't Be Watching 'Today' Any Time Soon: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I don't mess with Matt Lauer or the Today Show ... and that's a very nice way for me to put it! ... He tried to force my answers. It was very brutal and I came there only with positive intent ... I feel very alone very used very tortured very forced very misunderstood very hollow very very misused ... I don't trust anyone but myself! Everyone has an agenda. I don't do press anymore. I can't be everything to everybody anymore ... I can't be everybody's hero and villain savior and sinner Christian and anti Christ! ... I can't take anymore advice! I create, I'm creative, I have a good heart, everyone will see and understand one day."

-Superstar rapper Kanye West, using a series of tweets to express his frustration over his recent interview with "Today" host Matt Lauer (which was recorded but has not aired yet). An excerpt of the conversation came up during Lauer's live conversation with former president George W. Bush on Wednesday morning (November 10), as West talked about the incident from 2005 when West declared "George Bush doesn't care about black people" during a telethon benefiting victims of Hurricane Katrina (which Bush called "a low point" in his eight years in office).

"I would tell George Bush in my moment of frustration I didn't have the grounds to call him a racist," West told Lauer in the interview. "But I believe that in a situation of high emotion like that, we as human beings don't always choose the right words."

Bush noted that he was able to forgive West for what he had done, even though the incident hurt him so profoundly. "I'm not a hater," Bush noted.