Happy Birthday, Chris Jericho!

If you happen to be hanging out with Chris Jericho today, be sure to wish him a very happy birthday. The show-stopping professional wrestler (who has put time in with multiple organizations over his multi-decade career) and heavy metal frontman (he is the vocalist for eclectic metallers Fozzy) turns 40 years old today, which means you should be sure to save him a big slice of cake and offer him an extra shot on the house.

Jericho’s rise in the pro wrestling ranks was not unlike the journey of a touring band. He started off small, performing for local promotions, picked up more skills along the way, eventually picked up some mainstream recognition and ultimately ended up being one of the biggest superstars in WWE over the past decade. Jericho (born Christopher Irvine) was the first undisputed champion (he beat Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock in a single night in December 2001), has headlined multiple high-profile shows and has earned dozens of championships and accolades. Not only has he been rewarded by the promotion, but he has also been recognized as one of the best in the game (he has won a ton of awards from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, including two awards for Wrestler of the Year and a prize for Best Interviews of the Decade).

As he has done in the past, Jericho is currently putting his wrestling career on hold for the sake of his music career. He first got together with Fozzy (fleshed out by the members of Atlanta band Stuck Mojo) in 1999, and they have put out four albums since then (including the recently-released Chasing the Grail, an awesome collection of pounding anthems). Jericho is an old school metal fan (he had a column in Metal Edge magazine for a few years in the ’90s), and wears his fandom on his sleeve in Fozzy (there are elements of both Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Halford — among others — in his delivery). So celebrate the greatness of Jericho with “Enemy,” a blistering single from the band’s 2005 album All That Remains.


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