VV Brown Enters The ‘World Of Jenks’

By Joel Hanek

VV Brown has quite the impressive resume. At 27, she has already an established singer-songwriter (opening for the likes of Maroon 5 and Pink), a comic book author and now the latest person to receive the “World of Jenks” treatment.

Back in August, Brown arrived at the MTV News office for an interview sporting a shadow in the form of director Andrew Jenks and his camera crew. The “World of Jenks” episode featuring VV Brown, which aired Monday night (November 8th), features Jenks documenting the British singer’s life as she tries to break through to American audiences.

“At the moment he’s following little old me from Northampton,” explained Brown, who while being filmed by MTV News for the interview was also simultaneously being filmed by the Jenks crew at the time (it was a little surreal to see Jenks’ cameras filming our cameras filming VV). “I guess I’m ’The Musician.’ And for me, I want people to see the reality of being an artist,” she said of her episode. “I think that’s important for me because I think fame is very delusional. I want people to see me burping, laughing, crying and I think Jenks wants to catch that too and I think that’s what his show’s all about.” She added with a laugh, “That’s why they’re following me to the toilet all the time.”

As for the constant cavalry of cameras following her, VV said that she didn’t mind the company. “These guys are very nice guys,” she said, referring to the Jenks crew. “They make me feel very comfortable — it’s like hanging out with your friends.”


What did you guys think of the “World of Jenks” episode with VV? Let us know in the comments!

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