Susan Boyle’s ‘Perfect Day’ Video: The Key Scene

With all of the high-profile albums coming out in the next few months, you can’t forget about the new collection of tunes by Susan Boyle, one of the biggest-selling artists of last year. Her second album, titled The Gift, hits store shelves on Tuesday (November 9) and contains covers of tunes by Leonard Cohen (“Hallelujah”) and Crowded House’s Neil Finn (“Don’t Dream It’s Over”) as well as a handful of traditional folk songs, hymns and Christmas carols. By far the most unusual song on the collection is the first track and the lead single, which is a cover of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day,” whose video just premiered online.

Why is the idea of Boyle covering “Perfect Day” so bizarre? First of all, Reed is notoriously one of the most cantankerous men in the history of rock music, regularly alienating people and making lots of enemies along the way. Secondly, Reed’s “Perfect Day” (which originally appeared on Reed’s 1972 solo album Transformer) is mostly about how much he loves drugs (which is why it got a second life as a part of the soundtrack to “Trainspotting”). Finally, Boyle took “Perfect Day” — which is already pretty slow and simple — and turned it into an even greater dirge, full of lush strings and ethereal hums.

To pile on the weirdness, the video for “Perfect Day” may or may not have been directed by Reed himself. It’s a strange choice, considering the simple tone of the clip (which sees Boyle standing by the water and in a forest — possibly in Middle Earth — and gently singing her song into the sky). It’s gorgeous but a little sleepy, though the clip’s key scene puts her in the middle of pretty lush forest.

What do you think of Susan Boyle’s video for “Perfect Day”? Let us know in the comments!

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