Lil Wayne Has The Same Impact As Tupac, Says DJ Khaled: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"Ain't nobody have that impact since Tupac. Lil Wayne is a genius and he's a great person. He's always showed love to everybody. You can't say anything bad about Wayne. So when he was on vacation, it didn't feel like he was gone. He dropped the album and it went #1. He was in every video. It was just as big. Now he's home. When he was on vacation, he was that powerful. Imagine what he's about to do."

-Mixtape impresario and producer DJ Khaled, discussing the amazing accomplishments and impact Lil Wayne had even while he was behind bars. Khaled spoke to MTV News' Sway during Thursday afternoon's (November 4) edition of "RapFix Live" and likened Wayne's exit from prison to Tupac's.

The legendary Shakur spent just under a year in New York's Clinton Correctional Facility in 1995, and while he was inside he released Me Against the World, which spent five weeks on top of the Billboard album chart. Wayne dropped I Am Not a Human Being while he was incarcerated for eight months, and like Me Against the World, it went right to the top of the chart. Following his release, Tupac released All Eyez on Me, the first ever double album in the history of hip-hop and another chart-topping multi-platinum notch in his belt.

What will be next for Wayne? Will he release a double album? Collaborate with new producers? Will he resume his obsession with guitars? Only Weezy knows, and as soon as he is done with his busy weekend, you can almost certainly count on Wayne being back in a big (and Tupac-esque) way.