Backstreet Boys Bring Back Kevin Richardson For 'Oprah' Appearance

So Oprah Winfrey totally freaked when she met Jackie Jackson, which I found endearing and amazing and was another check made on the list of all the ways that Oprah and I are the same person. (No, not because I love Jackie Jackson, but because we both have teen idols we freak over.) She also had the Backstreet Boys on the same show, and I don't know if you've heard, but I'm kind of a huge fan.

Hot off the heels of their NKOTB tour announcement, the guys — all five of them — sat down with Oprah for her "Teen Idols" episode (which also featured Shaun Cassidy and Peter Frampton). They didn't disappoint. After Kevin walked away from the guys a few years back to pursue a quieter life, us BSB fans nearly died when he decided to come back for this episode.

The band that has sold 130 million albums dropped by the show with Kevin (who joked that it took a call from the almighty Oprah to get him to come out of retirement). Then they did it: All five guys sang the be-all and end-all of BSB songs, "I Want It That Way." And all these years later, they still sounded flawless. Plus, watching Oprah mouth the words to the song made my day. So, when do they hit the road again? May? OK. It's never too early to prepare, right?