Beyoncé's Biography Broken Down In New Comic Book

At this point, the personal and professional arc of Beyoncé Knowles is well known among fans and followers of pop music. But until now, Beyoncé has never been immortalized in comic book form. As it was reported on MTV News' Splash Page, Bluewater Comics will soon be unveiling a 32-page comic book that follows her entire life story, from her childhood to her early success with Destiny's Child to her breakout as a solo artist to her current status as an international pop sensation and one half of music's biggest power couple.

Appropriately, the book is titled "Fame: Beyoncé." The comic (which, it should be noted, is unauthorized) is the latest in a line of books that Bluewater has produced that follow the professional lives of various music stars, including recent releases focusing on the likes of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Unlike most comic books, there aren't very many conflicts contained within the pages.

"Getting to dive into her story and piece together her life was exciting," comic writer CW Cooke said. "She's accomplished so much in so little time. She's had so many ups and so few downs. Telling her story wasn't so much of a roller coaster, but more of an exciting elevator ride."

The comic will be available in January 2011 for the reasonable price of $3.99. As a preview, Splash Page got their hands on a dozen pages from the comic, so scroll through the preview below. It includes a number of great moments, including this one, which focuses on what Beyoncé's life is like in the present.

(Click here for more pages from the new comic book tracking the life of Beyoncé!)