Now That Lil Wayne Is Free, Who Should He Collaborate With First?

Now that Lil Wayne is finally free, you can bet that he is going to get back to the business of being Lil Wayne. Sure, he may drop in on Drake's performance in Las Vegas on Saturday (November 6) and has a fantastically elaborate party at a Miami strip club to look forward to on Sunday (November 7), but once his life returns to normal, you can bet that he'll want to get back in the studio as soon as humanly possible. Weezy is well-known as an MC who records almost compulsively (how else did he manage to release an album while still in jail?), and considering the thoughts that must have run through his head during his eight month run behind bars (which includes a little time in solitary confinement), there will be a lot of words to get down on tape.

But not only does Wayne's own work keep him busy, but he is also a highly-coveted collaborator, and with eight months of incarceration behind him, there will be a lot of other rappers, singers and producers eager to book time with Wayne. Here are a few ideas for his first big post-jail collaboration.


Weezy and Slim Shady have had a pretty good year together, both on Wayne's "Drop the World" (from Rebirth, the first album he released in 2010) and on Eminem's "No Love" (the current single from Recovery). Why not make it a trifecta with a triumphant comeback tune?


Lil Wayne's most successful protegé has had a huge year and has essentially had to carry the Young Money empire during his absence. Plus, Drake's confessional style would perfectly fit the deep thoughts that Wayne had while he was in the clink.

Kanye West

West has one of the biggest albums of the season hitting stores in a few weeks in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and what better way to break back onto the scene than as a part of one of West's "G.O.O.D. Friday" tracks? Better yet, Wayne should recruit West, Eminem and Drake for another remix of "Forever" and just make that an annual event.

Nicki Minaj

Weezy's other high-profile protegé has been everywhere recently, collaborating with the likes of and Eminem. But a battle of the sexes tag-team between Minaj and Wayne is exactly what Pink Friday needs to push it from exciting to absolutely can't-miss.


Wayne spent the last eight months behind bars in New York. Shouldn't Jay-Z be the first guest in the studio just to prove that Weezy doesn't have any beef with the Big Apple?

Who would you most like to see Wayne collaborate with when he gets back into the studio? Vote in the poll below and let us know in the comments!

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