Gwyneth Paltrow Singing 'F--- You' On 'Glee,' Adding To Her Long Music History

Cee-Lo's foul-mouthed, sugary-sweet Motown throwback "F--- You" is undoubtedly one of the best singles of the year (and one of the most refreshing surprises of 2010), and despite the greatness of the video and the general freakiness that the former Goodie Mob member lays down on the track, it's about to get even stranger. According to Entertainment Weekly, Paltrow will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the hit music-based show "Glee" to perform "F--- You" (which will be changed to "Forget You," the sanitized version that is played on radio). It should make for a delightfully strange piece of television.

This won't be the first time around the musical block for Paltrow, as she has a long history of lending her voice to various projects. She starred in the historically bad (but occasionally charming) film "Duets," which featured Paltrow crooning karaoke tunes with the likes of Huey Lewis (of all people). Paltrow also just dropped her first country single as part of the production of her upcoming film "Country Strong." And of course Paltrow has been married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin for the past seven years.

But her greatest musical moment had to have come in 2006 when Paltrow appeared on stage with Jay-Z at London's Royal Albert Hall to sing the chorus of his The Blueprint classic "Song Cry." That show — the first ever rap concert at the venue — also featured husband Martin (and Nas, just for good measure). Will the "Glee" appearance be able to top that? It's distinctly possible, especially considering the already-established greatness of "F--- You."