The 'Dancing With The Stars' Situation: Rick Fox Gets Benched

While this particular season of "Dancing With the Stars" has been relatively light on drama, it has been pretty heavy on twists. Just about every elimination — beginning with the week one dismissal of cult favorite David Hasselhoff — has been somewhat surprising, and many of them have gone against the natural narrative that the show usually follows. Tuesday night's (November 2) elimination episode was no exception, as just as it seemed like he was starting to build some steam and threaten to take that third spot in the finals, former NBA star Rick Fox was pulled from the starting lineup and sent to the showers in dramatic fashion.

That means that Bristol Palin has survived yet another week at the bottom of the heap (and considering the huge night the Republican party had across the country during the midterm elections, it's safe to say it's all smiles in the Palin household today). What is it about Palin that keeps people voting for her? Is it the fact that she's a teen mom? Do they like her mother? Or do people just care so little about a retired basketball player that they can't be bothered to vote for a dancer who is clearly improving (and overcoming the twin problems of too much height and bad knees)? It's not like Palin is improving dramatically as a dancer the way Kelly Osbourne did a few seasons back. She appears to be treading water and seems an unlikely candidate for the finals. Heck, even fellow "in jeopardy" contestant Kyle Massey seems to be stepping his game up more.


But of course, in the end, it doesn't really matter how great a dancer you are (though it certainly helps). With only a handful of contestants left and a few weeks to go before the finals, it will be interesting to see how long Palin lasts, if Massey can make a power play and whether or not Kurt Warner has it together enough to challenge Jennifer Grey and Brandy for the championship.

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